Anorexia refers to a longer period in children, loss of appetite, reduced food intake, not eating, or even refuse to eat, and the mental state of a common disease than normal. Anorexia is more common in urban children, mostly 1 a 6-year-old child. Anorexia usually in the course of a month or more, more than 8 percent weighed less than normal weight. If the long-term healing can be converted Malnutrition. TCM believes that this disease is diet, improper feeding, long-term partial eclipse, stomach injury, the normal operation of the function, resulting in see food is not greedy, muscle wasting, affecting the normal growth and development. Doctors believe the majority of sick children anorexia reason xylose excretion rate is lower than normal; solid low salivary amylase yeast load test; solid peripheral blood and hair trace element contents are mostly lower than the normal standard, especially in the low zinc, copper majority. Psychological factors such as strong shock, euphoria, converted living environment, can cause mood changes, make food central excitability reduced, or even suppressed by the excitement turned, causing loss of appetite or poor feeding.

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