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Health Guide Epilepsy and treatment
Epilepsy is a common pediatric disease paroxysmal abnormalities mind, manifested by recurrent episodes of various forms of seizures. After the attack as ordinary people. Long-term recurrent affect intellectual development.
Clinical manifestations
It showed multiple forms of pumping action taken or consciousness, movement disorders:
(A) big attack. Sudden faint servant, unconscious. Limb rigidity, fist and facial muscle twitching, on two visually, foaming at the mouth, or for a variety of strange sounds, sober after a few minutes. Continued for several hours or more, said status epilepticus.
(B) small seizures. Sudden brief loss of consciousness, two eyes staring. Suspend action language, do not faint servant, no convulsions, usually not more than 30 seconds is restored as usual.
(C) myoclonic seizures. Only a muscle or muscle contraction, twitch, flexion and extension, unconscious obstacles.
(Iv) infantile spasms, is much less than 1 year old baby in a myoclonic seizure disorder. Attack head and trunk flexion, upper reach or flexion adduction, flexion lower extremity to the abdomen, make a fist, his eyes squint, or on the turn, after a few seconds after remission, but a few seconds and then send convulsions, was a series of episodes of mountain.
(V) limitations bit seizures.
1. Limitations of seizures: lack of distal limb onset seizures, or fingers, toes, mouth, eyelids, also be extended to bust, or sudden Pragmatic Jian. I can not express meaning.
2. Limitations feel seizures: seizures paresthesia (numbness, pain, acupuncture, burning) or special senses (vision, hearing, smell) exception.
3. Limitations of psychiatric symptoms onset: as memory impairment, hallucinations, delusions aphasia, or other disorders.
(Vi) atonic seizures: sudden onset of a unit of a transient loss of muscle tone. Or bow, knees, falls.
Additionally, there are “Hao abdominal abscess,” “recurrent vomiting and vomiting”, “headache, paralysis carbuncle.”
About 70% of children with EEG waveforms carbuncle disease can occur.
TCM believes that this disease begins births or fetal yuan less frightened earlier, acquired dystrophy, exogenous pathogenic wind, internal injuries after eating. Dirty air caused by disorders, endogenous phlegm, air-reverse chaos, inner wind-yang dynamic and consciousness fall due; or because of therapy or servant within the blood stopped, blood stagnation God awakened. Wind moving the smoke, the wind is still only; sputum poly is faint. San sputum is awake. Permanently, wind phlegm crux, the more positive the deeper, and eventually became a chronic illness.

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