Abdominal pain and treatment

Abdominal pain in children is one of the common symptoms, refer to the following umbilical and surrounding epigastric abdominal pain as the main syndromes.
Abdominal pain in a wide range, many surgical diseases are visible symptoms. Baby will not tell abdominal disease, only crying, although older children can appeal referred pain, but often can not express abdominal pain properly, so as to tell the children showed a sudden abdominal pain or crying, when time slowly, bend laugh, eyebrows When Jincu, preferably to the nearest treatment, so as not to adversely affected by illness.
Chinese medicine, abdominal pain, mostly feel the cold pathogen, milk food stagnation, dirty Qi and cold, or qi stagnation and blood stasis of risk factors, pathogenesis air stagnation is generally unreasonable, not pain, pain for a long time the lacquer. The nature of abdominal pain, violent pain were more solid, long pain were more empty; pain and refused to press were more real, more pain and joy by those false; after eating Tongshen more real, the pain was off by more empty food; hot more real disease worse, heat pain were more imaginary shout; pain when walking without fixed place by channeling Qi stagnation, pain, such as acupuncture and take root by the stasis. TCM generally refers to children with no indications of acute abdomen pain.
Western medicine for pain were more detailed, generally divided into the abdomen, abdominal, and surgical categories, all types have different clinical manifestations.

And treatment of bronchial asthma

Bronchial asthma is a common pediatric respiratory allergic disease, episodes of wheezing, asthma and mainly associated with cough, phlegm characterized syndromes. It can occur throughout the year, with the highest incidence of winter and spring.
The disease is due to wheezing or asthma mainly, it is a Chinese “Asthma” or “asthma card” category, due to the asthma and asthma will, it is generally referred to as “asthma.”
Clinical manifestations: episode of repeated episodes of a characteristic, acute onset, throat wheezing, asthma phlegm, cough, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, not supine, as then gradually calm down, for the light card. Such as persistent difficulty, and even mouth Taijian, pale gray-blue, cold extremities, sweating. Face edema. Weak pulse stricken, is more dangerous for the reverse of the card.
Lung auscultation may have wheezing and dry rales attack. Sputum and blood leukocyte classification eosinophils were significantly increased. X ray showed emphysema or partial atelectasis. Skin test can clear allergens.
TCM believes that this cause of congenital or acquired factors, caused by Qi and phlegm volts, coupled with exogenous cold or careless diet, evils motivate V sputum, fighting airway, lifting loss Secretary, lung failure Su-down, so wheeze wheezing, time-shifted gas drop sputum along, gradually to calm down. But the end result of lung, spleen and kidney qi deficiency, phlegm-volt end date, occasional cold or dietary differences, again attack. Therefore, evil attack Zhifei law, remission treatment spleen to righting.
Doctors believe the disease is a respiratory allergic disease. More than a family history or personal history of allergies, external to abrupt climate change, eating cold, or more allergens such as dust, pollen, bacteria, mites, or fish, shrimp, crab and so on. The pathological basis for the allergens causing bronchial spasm, mucosal edema and mucus secretion increased, so that capillary bronchial luminal narrowing, causing paroxysmal dyspnea, expiratory wheeze, breath longer.