Exercise therapy

1. hepatitis patients how to exercise?

   Acute hepatitis, chronic hepatitis activity, and should stay in bed, that is “static” based, so can Peijia liver blood circulation. Studies have shown that out of bed when the liver blood flow ratio standing at least 40% more, it is a good liver nutrition and repair. But when the symptoms, jaundice, when the disease into the recovery, although at this time has not yet fully returned to normal transaminases do not continue to stay in bed, and should be dynamic and static” and start walking, exercise, or doing housework, etc., in order to no fatigue after the event, sweating slightly as the standard. The need to progressively increase the amount of exercise. Because exercise can increase appetite, people full of energy and feel happy and beneficial to the liver disease recovery.

2. Patients with liver disease suggest physical exercise

    Hepatitis B patients can not participate in physical labor, does not depend on the treatment, but by the liver function of the patient’s decision. If normal liver function, the patient can treat while working. If abnormal liver function, patients should be proper rest. In addition, treatment of dry Utah Su asked, patients may experience fever, fatigue, joint pain and other adverse reactions, and therefore should pay attention to rest. Levamisole cloth therapy, not only for the patient work of no effect and no obvious side effects.