Cirrhotic patients how to rest

Cirrhotic patients how to rest?

Rest and alcohol is the treatment of patients with liver care two “magic.” Because exertion can aggravate the condition of patients with liver disease. Of course, the rest referred to herein means “heart” and brain” of the rest. If only the body lying on the bed, seemingly rest, however large
Thinking brain has not stopped a moment, this situation can not be called a break. In this case, the medical work in common, with patients admitted to some of jaundice is not deep, therapeutic measures are very strong, but was surprised to find the disease is increasing. Although these patients are lying on the bed every day, but in fact still in a highly nervous state, no real rest. They all the time thinking about their condition. Always immersed in fear, a dead end”, not listen to the doctor and to console relatives, the result is certainly imagine. Therefore, only do wholeheartedly enough rest can help the stable condition.

Why liver disease when treatment bogey makeup?

   Liver disease should not make the patient visits. This is because the doctor’s diagnosis and makeup will bring some difficulties. Such as chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis may be faces, and in the periorbital and malar facial skin dull dull, telangiectasia (called the bill has been described as pattern), which is a sign of chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver. Once the make-up, such signs would be concealed. Again, part of the hepatitis patients will develop jaundice. The depth of the relationship between the disease and hepatitis, jaundice is very close, make-up is likely to cover up the disease. Makeup can sometimes cause allergic skin reaction group to secondary infection, it may affect hepatitis Peng recovery. As for the yellow hair, beauty cream, sunscreen and other special types of make-up, because the chemical composition of the song‘s complex products, often with two quantitative drugs, can cause acute and chronic liver damage Jiao, liver disease patients should not use it.

should be a small amount of drinking fine

Drink wine, especially red wine, may unintentionally increase the body’s resistance to certain infections. This is because the wine can destroy or inactivate pathogenic microorganisms. The ancient Greeks disinfect the wound with red wine; the French in World War II used it to aid in the purification of water pollution; the late 19th century in Paris cholera epidemic, the red wines have saved countless lives; A French doctor noted that drinking red wine person to hurt a stronger immune system, and suggested that people will drink red wine mixed with water in order to play a protective role. Medical experiments show that Austria conducted with red or white wine, alone or in combination with water 1: 1 mixture within 15 minutes can quickly kill cholera and typhoid bacilli. Later confirmed that red wine can kill any kind of fine Han, including salmonella, staphylococcus and E. coli, the bacteria usually cause food poisoning. While red wine has anti-infectious compounds due to the grape skins during fermentation due to the formation, but also kill many common bugs alcohol.

 Professor, Graduate School of French wine Gloria Yates said: “With the help of modern science, we are proving that our grandparents already started to know what they are accustomed to the fish and fruit in red wine did disinfection and sterilization..”

US Food and Drug Administration researcher Dr. Krantz said, in fact, if you’re eating some infected with bacteria or viruses food, drink alcoholic beverages, will be difficult illness. His research shows that while people drinking, eating the food poisoning occurred after infection easily Salmonella vaccine and Staphylococcus food. And in a recent study, he found that virtually eliminate the alcohol consumption of raw oysters infection caused by hepatitis risk.

  Infection caused by eating raw oysters caused by hepatitis A outbreak, the Dr. Krantz believes Xing some with a glass of red wine, or other alcohol cocktail oyster rinsed people in the consumption of raw oysters are not suffering from liver damage after sex disease. No matter how many people actually eating contaminated oysters, wine can eliminate 90 percent of the risk of the occurrence of hepatitis. Dr. Krantz said that beer does not contain sufficient concentrations of alcohol to destroy the virus. He speculated that alcohol might somehow block the hepatitis virus is absorbed into the bloodstream before it reaches the small intestine or by the body to make alcohol kills pathogenic organisms.

  Note that Dr. Krantz stressed that even while drinking, while eating raw oysters is unsafe, because alcohol does not kill the raw oysters many potential pathogenic microorganisms, only to be killed by cooking.