walking exercise for patients with liver disease What are the benefits


Experts believe that walking is the best sport liver disease. For the heart, liver, kidney and other organs of the person in question, running will increase the insufficient oxygen supply. The walk to walk, each stride foot is 1-2 times the impact on body weight, only jogging about 1/3, the most appropriate care and rehabilitation of patients with liver disease.

    Usually. Walking grasp the principle is: go to walk less, vary the pace of the rhythm speed, the system should be identified disease.

Patients with liver disease how to determine the duration of the movement?

    Hepatitis exercise time not too long, do not emphasize physical activity, fatigue should occur before the stop. Because hepatitis poor endurance, and easy to hypoglycemia, fatigue. At the same time you want to start small activity, step by step. On the basis of the gradual adaptation of the gradual increase in exercise. Bogey meal or vanadium Russian sports.


    Hepatitis acne healing after 1 year, if has any built like normal liver function. Jun adapt Day activities, it may be based on physical conditions. By Zhejiang restore the original amount of exercise training.

When patients with liver disease for sports?


Convalescent or chronic hepatitis, acute hepatitis stable, according to work and rest, the movement phase Q principles bed movement, as do Guangbo Cao, playing too tent boxing, walking, etc.

   People with chronic hepatitis or hepatitis after syndrome, when liver function is normal or near normal (and observed over a period of more stable when asked), the Department is not significant when symptoms, it can ruin refining sports. To improve the general health, promote healing acne disease, improve tolerance to daily activities.

Patients with liver disease when it is not suitable for sports?

   Acute hepatitis and understand hepatitis exacerbation of suffering Dan to get more rest, such as Jing love lightweight, good mental state, subject to stretch your legs in bed, but also practice static power.

   If patients with chronic hepatitis fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, liver pain, serum transaminases higher apparent, meaning disease in the active stage, it is best not to exercise.

What are some principles of physical therapy rehabilitation exercises is?

  Activities should patients do not feel fatigue as the limit. If the condition improved with the gradual increase in activity, a movement to combine, step by step. “Appropriate ruined refining, such as a walk, playing tai chi, Qigong. Be in stable condition with normal liver function a couple of months later, the patient is resume work. But do not proud of strenuous exercise, people engaged in mental work, and do not overwork, while ensuring adequate sleep time.