Protein is the main component of the body’s cells and body fluids

Is the formation of body cells and the body of the main components of the liquid, but also to maintain the body’s resistance to important substances. Protein intake after the decomposition of amino acids into amino acids, can be used by the human body. 8 kinds of amino acids are needed in the development of children. The good or poor quality of a food protein is determined by the composition of the amino acids contained in it. A high milk protein content in milk, but its quality is a bit poor. Milk, eggs, meat, fish and beans are higher than the cereal grains, cereals containing essential amino acids in the human body, it is not suitable for a long time with a cereal (such as rice) to feed children, can choose to eat more varieties of food, in order to complement their deficiencies. Insufficient supply of protein, it can be seen that the muscle is weak, the development is bad, easy to get sick, edema, anemia, etc.. But too much protein, is easy to cause constipation, indigestion, poor appetite.
Fat is mainly supply heat to some to be soluble in the absorption of fat vitamin (fat soluble vitamins) to prevent body heat loss and protect organs from damage. The body’s fat from the food, or by the ingestion of carbohydrates (sugars) and protein synthesis. Milk, egg yolk, lard, meat, butter, liver, fish and vegetable oil are rich in fat, cod liver oil containing vitamin A, d most peanut oil, soybean oil is less content, lard, no. Human milk fatty matter than milk, so the promotion of breastfeeding. If the long-term supply of fat, the consumption of protein, sugar, will cause weight gain, malnutrition.
Growth retardation.
Carbohydrates (sugars) are the main source of calories for the supply of human body. Milk, Cereals, sugar and fruit are all sugar. Milk contains lactose, which is conducive to digestion and absorption of children, glucose absorption in the intestine quickly, sucrose (ie sugar) dosage should not be too much, due to the easy to ferment and cause diarrhea. Milk, grains, fruits, all kinds of sugar, syrup, flour, beans and root vegetables such as potatoes (potatoes), tomato (sweet potato) are rich in carbohydrates. According to the age, physiological characteristics of the selection. The body around low carbohydrate deficiency. The blood glucose is too low, will view the bursts of sweat, panic, stomach muscle trembling, Yun to smoke out. Such as excessive supply, the muscle is soft, pale, easy to get sick.
Vitamins and minerals are essential for the maintenance of life activities of the human body, but not in the supply of heat, can not be synthesized in the body or only a small amount, it must be outside supply. The medical profession has been flat that only vitamin to survive, showing its importance. Is now the nutrition of infants and young children to the relationship between the survival of the Beijing and mineral.

Patients with liver disease trip how diet


Patients with liver disease trip how diet?

     Hepatitis B, hepatitis C virus carriers, various liver recovery, weak-kneed to chronic hepatitis, fatty liver, the road must pay attention to food hygiene, diet types to choose from.

    The best pasta staple food, mainly to add strength and energy consumption. Fushi best eggs, meat, mainly to provide protein, vitamins, minerals and a certain amount of fat. Drinks with light salt water, chrysanthemum tea, green tea, mineral water is excellent, do not drink unboiled water, do not buy substandard hygiene standards beverage, prevent the disease from people. Enough is enough for the cold.


    Patients with liver disease should not drink, greasy high lipid food also is taboo. Too fishy for spicy snack to try to eat, it is best to bring their own chopsticks spoon, lunch boxes, cups and other food utensils, and wash hands before meals and after using a sterile towel or towel to prevent indigestion, diarrhea, fullness and cause relapse, sicker.